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OYOY Mini has been a firm favourite of mine for kids products for years. I personally have a few of their amazing pieces and wanted to show you what they have to offer. Founded in 2012 by Danish designer Lotte Fynboe the brand offers a mixture of classic Danish design and fun, quirky dream like pieces that not only look stylish but have a practical use. 

THE NAME AND BRAND OYOY // The name is inspired by the OY letters, which since 1929 have been the signature on all Danish airplanes. Regardless of where in the world the planes may be located, the sense of belonging to Denmark is significant. At OYOY Living Design we are also proud of our roots and the letters OY are to indicate our Danish heritage.


The great thing about OYOY is that even though the Mini collection is for the little people in your life, the whole concept is to offer an aesthetically beautiful and functional piece that can be used in any area of the home and not look out of place. For example their new Arca furniture range offers a children's chair/stool that can also be used as a side table in a bedroom. These clever designs make OYOY so versatile. 

Their rainbow wall hanging is one piece that has done the rounds on instagram for a few years now, I am guilty of owning one too. The muted colours, rough texture and grand size fit with the current movement in ethical and super stylish interiors for children. Gone are the days of pink plastic for girls and blue everything for boys. This Danish brand has got miniature rattan sets for kids, characters that are in gorgeous earthy tones and not your glittery nonsense seen too often as an offering for children's rooms. 

I own a few pieces from OYOY, and you will see them dotted about on my instagram page. Here are my top pieces on my personal 'gotta have it list':

The mushroom storage

What is cuter than a themed wicker basket? Nothing!!! Super cute design, large storage space and practical for toys, linen, shoes you name it! Part of their AW 2020 collection and coming to a store near you soon! 

The lion rug

Well this design has been around for a while and is still on my wish list. Great for adding a pop of colour and is gender neutral for those that don't know what they are having yet. A smily Lion that can convert a room from drab to fab, ideal for a playroom or bedroom.  A super soft floor covering for a reading nook or between twin beds. 

Inka mini

With the popularity of the ceramic Inka collection for us adults, OYOY cleverly created a silicon version that is so stylish you could eat from it yourself! Great colours, no breakages and an ideal gift: winner. 

See the full collection on OYOY Living Design's website.

OYOY can be purchased from a number of retailers online and in store. A full list of suppliers can be found on the OYOY website. 

All images are from the OYOY website. 


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